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Pastor Anthony’s Sermon Series has been updated in the Sermons section of the website.  Please feel free to visit

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About Salvation – Now What?

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About Salvation – Now What?

“What Must I Do To Remain Saved?”

Congratulations! You have made a life-changing decision! Perhaps you are asking, “Now what? How do I begin my journey with God?” The following five steps below will give you direction from the Bible. When you have questions on your journey, please submit us your question.

  1. Study the Bible daily to obtain more understanding of God’s values.
  2. Find a good church that teaches the Bible. If you would like to join the Light of Glory Ministries Movement click here.
  3. Be baptized.
  4. Establish a specific time each day that you will focus on God through prayer.
  5. Develop relationships with people who can assist you spiritually.