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Would you like to share your testimony? Has God touched your life in a special way? Through his unconditional love has your life changed?

Please share your testimony using the form below. You may also respond to other’s testimonies.

  1. Stella says:

    My testimony – Two weeks ago Pastor Anthony gave an assignment after bible study. That week we continue to discuss Gods promises and how anything is possible if you have faith and believe. The week prior, we studied more on how God fills in when we are weak, compensate and fill in the gaap when he knows we can’t. Over and over again, God continue to perform miracles. I saw it I read about it, but was’nt thinking or really didnt believe God could do it for me. Our assignment was to find somthing that we have been afraid to do or have not been able to do, to pray and talk to God then watch and see how God will work in our lives. I’d be lying if I said I was’nt afraid and that what I decided to do that night was easy, because it was not. I cried and prayed and cried and prayed and cried and
    prayed — but almost 4 weeks later I can say With God all things are possible ! Then because God is so wonderful and loves me like he does, a week went past and he knew I needed a word from him, just to reinforce – so at our chior resersal, without Ron knowing my issue or discussing it prior to, both him and Darlene ministered the same message to me that night. What can I say, MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD !


  2. Joan Perez says:

    I came to Light of Glory Ministries the Sunday following the, “Back to School” event that was held in August. Something was missing in my life, i was rapidly loosing faith in myself, and was confused about God’s plan for me. I felt as though God had turned his back on me because of my financial plight and the loss of all of my material possessions. Earlier that week, prior to even thinking about attending church; my mother was not happy with me because i was putting little effort into finding a comfortable church home. I promised her that i would go. What I didn’t know was that God’s plan was working then as it always was. The message seemed as if it was meant directly for. Seemed as if God used Pastor Johnson to get the message to me that he has never left my side. He was removing all of the distractions of material items out of the way, cleaning me up for a fresh start, and preparing me for a closer and stronger walk with him. After hearing each message, my understanding became clearer and clearer. I even began to notice a difference in my praying. Instead of, “God i can’t and why me Lord” it became, “God just show me the way and give me the strength”. I came to LOGM unemployed, unsure, and full of doubt. My testimony this morning is not only am i employed, I have 2 other offers on the table and 1 possible offer shortly. One of the offers will allow me the opportunity to have my weekends free so i can continue attending service.
    What a mighty God we serve!!!!!!


  3. Sheila Jackson says:

    Sunday was my second time attending Light of Glory Ministries. Several days before attending service the Lord was ministering to me through song. The songs that kept crying out in my spirit was the songs of old that we sung down in SC. When I walked through the door and the choir was singing some of those same songs that I had been mediating on. I simply said that God is truly AMAZING. I know that nothing is by happenstance but that God ordains and positions you for the appointed hour or time. Needless to say my soul got truly happy and I had to fight hard to control myself. My son often say my voice takes over but I always explain it’s not me but God is in Control. He plantes the gift and I’m humbled to be his servant.

    Thanks so much for the Word Pastor Johnson, the spirit of Worship and Love that resides in Light of God Ministries.


    Sheila Jackson


    Pastor Anthony Johnson Reply:

    Praise God Sheila!

    I thank God for your testimony and am grateful to the Lord Jesus that you are being blessed by him at Light of Glory Ministries.

    We strive continuously to maintain true Biblical teaching and a pure worship and lovely atmosphere for everyone.

    If the Lord lays it upon your heart, you are definitely welcome to join our choir and let God continue to use your voice to bless others in the church.

    God Bless,

    Pastor Johnson


  4. I was truly blessed by the baptism on last Saturday, it was the bible brought life. God is so amazing, and praising Him for the baptism candidates who were able to be a part of such an authentic biblical experience!

    I am glad to be a part of what God is doing at LOGM!



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