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About Our Leaders


“Every Christian is a leader and has

a specific calling on their lives for serving others.”

Anthony Johnson is the Pastor and Founder of Light of Glory Ministries. Before planting Light of Glory Ministries, he co-founded another local Waldorf church, where he served as Asst. Pastor for 6 1/2 years. He is currently in his third year working on his Master’s of Divinity at Regent University.

Pastor Anthony is easy to relate to, down to earth, and just like everyone else. He is a young man that has been involved in the same things most of us have, but God got a hold of him, and now he is an “inside man” to help win souls for Christ.

One goal of his is to cultivate a congregation of independent Bible-readers. He is dedicated to teaching non-clergy people how to study the Bible for themselves and understand what it says and how to apply it just like preachers are taught in seminary.

He has a serious passion for the Word of God, and is loyal to expository preaching. This means making sure the Bible speaks only, and not the biases of the speaker of the message, by explaining what God was saying to the bible authors at the time it was written, and then relaying that message to us thousands years later so that we can properly apply the passage to our lives.

He is not a typical pastor, he calls himself a “coach” that equips each of us with what we need to accomplish our God-given mission and individual vision for our life. He is often quoted as saying, “Every Christian is a leader and has a specific calling on their lives for serving others.”

In addition to serving in the ministry, Pastor Anthony received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Marketing) at Bowie State University. He is also the founder and CEO of Envizage, Inc, a Microsoft Certified Partner which provides professional software consulting services to the public and private sector. He resides with his wife and his four beautiful daughters in Waldorf, MD.