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About the LOGM Movement

“We are a Christian grassroots movement for a

positive change in the Community”

Light of Glory Ministries is a Christian, non-denominational, church in Waldorf, MD that strives to restore people’s confidence in the Christian Church. Our culture and dress is relaxed and casual, and we have fun in the Lord.

Our vision at Light of Glory Ministries is to make fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ by restoring people’s confidence in the Christian Church.

Light of Glory Ministries is not a typical, ordinary church. We are a Christian Grassroot Movement that unconditionally focuses on positively improving the quality of life in the Community. We as a Movement provides training, education, and resources for needy families to become self-sufficient, provide entrepreneurship, scholarship, educational, and vocational programs that will empower our youth and prepare them to be the future leaders of our community. Our movement provides a safe-haven, and counseling for abused persons, drug and alcohol addicted, special needs citizens, and be an advocate for people that cannot advocate for themselves.

In addition, we provide believers and unbelievers a consistent atmosphere that:

  • Challenges their continual spiritual growth
  • Motivates them to use their gifts to serve others
  • Deepens their passion for personal Bible understanding
  • Increases a thirst for serving others by stepping out beyond the church walls to meet people where they are
  • Is void of bias towards race, culture, gender, social class, or age and represents the diverse cultural society in which God created
  • Provides excitement, adventure, fun, and discipline

In July 2007, God commissioned Light of Glory Ministries to manifest his Light of Glory (Love, Compassion, Grace, Truth, and Power) to the unchurched and the community in order to restore their confidence in the Christian Church. This Sunday come and see the church in a new light!

What We Envision

We envision unbelievers and unchurched Christians enthusiastically returning to the Christian Church and being mobilized to serve others. Those who had once chosen not to go to church begin to see the Church through a new light, the ‘Light of Glory’. They have a new found excitement in Jesus Christ.

Unchurched Christians regain and surpass the zeal that they had with their initial encounter with Jesus Christ upon accepting salvation. Unbelievers begin to look to the church to fulfill their needs and realize the important role that the church plays in their life and society as a whole.

Other churches catch the vision and are positively influenced by the example set forth by Light of Glory Ministries.

The people who were sitting in darkness saw a great light Matt 4:16