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September’s Rehearsal Schedule:

1 September 10 – Sis Stella’s Home
8 September 10 – Sis Darlene’s Home
15 September 10 – Sis Stella’s Home
22 September 10 – Sis Lashanda’s Home
29 September 10 – Bro Lafayette’s and Sis Lashanette’s Home

Previous Rehearsal Schedule:

4 August 10 – Sis Stella’s Home
11 August 10 – Bro Lafayette and Sis Lashanette’s Home
18 August 10 – Bro Ron’s Home
25 August 10 – Lafayette & Lashanette’s Home

LOGM Choir Bylaws

“Let all things be done decently and in order”, I Corinthians 14:40.

Music Ministry Members
(1)  Responsible to the officers of the music ministry
(2) Must be a born again believer and in good standing
(3) Must be a member of Light of Glory Ministries
(4) Must be a team member whose main purpose to glorify God and create an
     atmosphere of harmony and love among the members of the music ministry
(5) Must be faithful in service
(6) Must abide by the bylaws as voted upon and set forth for guidelines and directions
(7) Excessive absences (unexcused) from rehearsals and/or engagements will result in
      choir member not singing the following Sunday.
(8) Must be prompt at all rehearsals/engagements. (If choir has already marched in, do not join
     group until break in service).  Morning services begin at 10:30am and choir members should
     ready for prayer, no later than 10:15am.         
(9) Encouraged to attend all regularly scheduled church functions as often as possible
(10) Tenure is permanent dependent upon the person’s ability to continue in fruitful
        service to the music ministry
(11) A member of the choir may be asked to resign from the choir for actions considered
      detrimental to the good of the music ministry or may at their own choice resign.
(12) A two-thirds (2/3) of the members may vote on any necessary issues.